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What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is a Google program that started in the year 2003, it was discovered by Paul Buchheit. It is an easy way to earn money by monetizing your blog, website, YouTube channel through an internet. With its help, you can get a good income through the Internet. Google Adsense was launched to run Google Ads on websites, blogs, YouTube channels. The program has been working with a good Goodwill since 2003.

Let's know more about Google AdSense

How does Google AdSense work?

 Google Adsense works by running ads on your blog, website, YouTube channel by monetizing the content you have done on your website, blog, YouTube channel. It qualifies the content of the website and makes the visitors appear on your website, blog, YouTube channel and when a visitor clicks on the ads running on your website, blog, YouTube channel, the income received from them Works to reach you

What things can we monetize with Google Adsense, Google adword?

You can monetize your blog, website, YouTube channel, App etc. with your Google Adsense, Google adword

How to monetize website?

Some things are not necessary to monetize the website

1. It is necessary to have a good user view

2. There should be high quality content on your blog, website.

3. It is necessary to have a privacy policy, contact, about, disclaimer etc.

4. It is also necessary to have good traffic on your blog website.

How to monetize youtube channel?

To monetize a YouTube channel, it is necessary to fulfill the privacy policy of YouTube.

1. You must have 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

2. Have to complete 4000 hours of watch time

3. Content must be copyright free

How much income can one get from Google adsense?

There is no criterion of how much income can be made with Google adsense, the more traffic will be on your blog, website, YouTube channel and the more clicks you click on that time you will get income based on the cpc on your adsense. This means that income from Google adsense is not fixed.

How to increase the income of Google Adsense?

To increase the income of Google AdSense, it is necessary to take care of three things:

1. High Quality Content

2. A good user view

3. Good Traffic

4. Good CPC

How to increase CPC?

To increase CPC, it is necessary to have on-page, off-page seo in the posts of your blog, website, along with this, use good keywords and submit your website to a country with high CPC. These things will help in increasing your CPC.

High CPC Countries -

1. United States

2. Australia

3. Canada

4. Marshal islands

5. United Kingdom

6. Germany

7. Switzerland

8. Brazil

9.New Zealand

10. Italy


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